Cyrus Vance

An ex-Imperial soldier turned smuggler and soldier-of-fortune, Captain of The Owl



Active: None
Inactive: Injured, Dead, Tired, Angry, Lost, Hunted, Trapped

Ship Status

Active: None
Inactive: Need Fuel, Need Supplies, Busted & Leaking, Slowed, Crippled


Ex-Imperial Soldier

Tactics, Command, Soldiers, Rank, Connections, Maps, Imperial War Ships


Haggle, Deception, Sneak, Hide, Camouflage, Forgery, Pilot, Navigation, [Repair], [Gunnery]


Tough, Run, Scrounge, Endure, Creepy Stare, Intimidate, [Medic]


Battle-Hardened, Shooting, Two-Gun Style, Pistol, Fencing, Sword, [Brawl], [Hail of Lead]


Key of the Commander

You are accustomed to giving orders and having them obeyed. Hit your trait when you come up with a plan and give orders to make it happen.
Buyoff: Acknowledge someone else as the leader.

Key of Hidden Longing

You are completely enthralled by Lady Blackbird, but you don’t want her to know it. Hit your key when you make a decision based on this secret affection or when you somehow show it indirectly.
Buyoff: Give up on your secret desire or make it public.

Key of the Outcast

You got exiled from the Empire. Hit your key when your outcast status causes you trouble or is important in a scene.
Buyoff: Regain your former standing or join a new group.


Secret of Leadership

Once per session, you can give someone else a chance to re-roll a failed roll, by giving them orders, advice, or setting a good example.

Secret of Warpblood

Once per session, you can teleport yourself or someone you’re touching.


Cyrus Vance

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