Kale Arkam

A burglar and petty sorcerer, first mate and mechanic of The Owl



Active: None
Inactive: Injured, Dead, Tired, Angry, Lost, Hunted, Trapped

Ship Status

Active: None
Inactive: Need Fuel, Need Supplies, Busted & Leaking, Slowed, Crippled



Quiet, Sneak, Hide, Dextrous, Locks, Perceptive, Traps, Darkness, [Alarms] , [Distractions]


Quick, Dirty Fighting, Tumbler, Escape, Contortionist, [Sleight of Hand], [Acrobatics], [Dagger]

Petty Magic

(use one spell tag at a time)
Light spell, Dark spell, Jump spell, Shatter Spell, [Channeling], [Spellcaster]


Repair, Engines, Efficiency, Spare Parts, Sabotage, [Enhancements], [Ship Weapons]


Key of Greed

You like the shiny things. Hit your key when you steal something cool or score a big payoff. Buyoff: Swear off stealing forever.

Key of the Mission

You must safely deliver Lady Blackbird to the Pirate King Uriah Flint, so she can marry him. Hit your key when you take action to complete the mission.
Buyoff: Give up the mission.

h4.4 Key of Fraternity

You are sworn to Captain Vance in a bond of brotherhood. Hit your key when your character is influenced by Vance or when you show how deep your bond is.
Buyoff: Sever the relationship


Secret of Concealment

No matter how thoroughly you’re searched, you always have a few key items with you. You can produce any common, simple item at a moment’s notice.

Secret of Reflexes

Once per session, you can re-roll a failure when doing anything involving grace, dexterity, or quick reflexes.


Kale Arkam

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