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The World of Lady Blackbird

The Game

Common Names


Abel, Artemis, August, Eli, Giovanni, Ivan, Jack, Jefferson, Jonas, Leo, Logan, Malachi, Mario, Micah, Nahum, Noah, Orlence, Oscar, Samuel, Silas, Victor, Vlad, Wester


Alice, Ardent, Ashlyn, Caess, Clare, Elena, Eveline, Fiona, Grace, Hannah, Hazel, Hester, Isabel, Krista, Jezebel, Leah, Lucile, Lydia, Seraphina, Sonya, Sophie, Veronica, Violet


Bell, Bowen, Canter, Carson, Cross, Harwood, Hollas, Hunter, Kalra, Keel, Moreau, Morgan, Porter, Pickett, Quinn, Sidhu, Soto, Torrez, Vakharia, Walker, Winter, Wright

Noble Houses

Ash, Blackbird, Firefly, Mooncloud, Nightsong, Snow, Twilight, Whitethorn.

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